CPC Form

Products covered: Safety gates for domestic use.

1. List of safety gates covered:

a. Article name: FLEX SKU: 5621x, 5622x, 5681x, 5682x, (certificate date: April 28, 2020)
b. Article name: Guard Me.  SKU: 60214x (certificate date: April 2, 2020) 
c. Article name: Premier.  SKU: 6011x (certificate date: January 23, 2017)
d. Article name: Flexi Fit Metal.  SKU: 5511x (certificate date: April 28, 2020)
e. Article name: Flexi Fit Wood.  SKU: 5501x (certificate date: April 20, 2015)
f. Article name: MultiDan Metal.  SKU: 5511x (certificate date: August 22, 2014)
g. Article name: MultiDan Wood.  SKU: 5711x (certificate date: August 22, 2014)
h. Article name: Pet extending SKU: 57414x/57416x (certificate date: January 26, 2017)

2. All above safety gates are tested according to ASTM F1004 (hence the above gates comply with the children product safety rules below)

a. 1 ASTM Standards:

i. D3359 Test Methods for Rating Adhesion by Tape Test F406 Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Full-Size Baby Cribs/Play Yards
ii. F963 Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

b. 2.2 British Standard:

i. BS 4125 Specification for Safety Requirements for Child
ii. Safety Barriers for Domestic Use

c. 2.3 Federal Regulations / safety rules:

i.   16 CFR 1303 Ban of Lead-Containing Paint and Certain
ii.  Consumer Products Bearing Lead Containing Paint
iii. 16 CFR 1500 Hazardous Substances Act Regulations, Including Parts:
iv.  16 CFR 1500.48 Technical Requirements for Determining a
v.   Sharp Point in Toys and Other Articles Intended for Use by Children Under Eight Years of Age
vi.  16 CFR 1500.49 Technical Requirements for Determining a Sharp Metal or Glass Edge in Toys and Other Articles Intended for Use by Children Under Eight-Years of Age
vii. 16 CFR 1501 Method for Identifying Toys and Other Articles Intended for Use by Children Under Three Years of Age Which Present Choking, Aspiration, or Ingestion Hazards Because of Small Parts
viii. 2.4 ANSI Standards:
1. ANSI Z535.1 American National Standard for Safety Colors ANSI Z535.4 American National Standard for ProductSafety Signs and Labels (ASTM F1004 – 19)
2. ANSI Z535.6 American National Standard: Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and Other Collateral Materials (ASTM F1004 – 19)

3. Importer:

a. Babydan A/S
228 PARK AVE S, #300
NEW YORK, NY 10003-1502-USA

4. Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results:

a. Majbritt Aalund Krejberg
b. Compliance Manager
c. Niels Bohrs Vej 14 - DK-8670 Laasby
d. Phone: 22 68 85 57
e. Mail: mak@babydan.dk
f. WEB: www.babydan.com

5. Date and place of manufacture:

a. Place: Niels Bohrs Vej 14 - DK-8670 Laasby.
b. Date: 12/2021

6. Date and place of testing according to .

a. Date:  Date of testing can be seen under section 1. All certificates are issued by CPSC-accepted laboratory intertek
b. Place: All products tested at: Name: Intertek Consumer Goods

7. third party, CPSC-accepted laboratory

a. Name: Intertek Consumer Goods
b. Address: 545 E Algonquin Road, Suite F Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005
c. Mail: www.intertek.com
d. Phone: 847-871-1020