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Baby Dan's history

Øjvind and Elna Andersen established the company and called it “Øjvind Andersen”. Already then it was situated in Låsby. In the beginning the company primarily produced prams for dolls.

More products were added to the range - e.g. changing tables, handlebar baskets and sets of furniture for camping. For several years the most important product for the company was a special bedrail for the - at the time - very popular "Night & Day" cot.

Øjvind's son Finn Andersen entered the family company. Finn was soon struck by an idea about further developing the popular bedrail, so it also could be use in doorways, in windows and at stairs.
The first safety gate was produced and sold.

Finn Andersen started the mail-order firm Interpost. This company mainly sells the popular excavator for children "Diggy". Interpost moved to Niels Bohrs Vej in Låsby - which still is the adress of Baby Dan. At the same time the company went through a generational change as Finn Andersen took over the management of the bedrail and safety gate company from his parents. The new company was called "Finn Andersen Metalworks".

In the beginning the company sold it’s products through a wholesaler, but soon the range of products was big enough for a profitable direct sale to the retailing shops, so the wholesale company Baby Dan ApS was established. The production of the company was quickly expanded with products from both home and abroad. This meant that Baby Dan soon became a total supplier of equipment for babies. One of Finn’s sons, Jesper Andersen, entered the family company.

Jesper Andersen became a co-owner. During the same year Jesper’s wife, Lotte Andersen, also entered the company.

Jesper’s brother, Jannik Andersen, entered the company and he also became a co-owner of the company.

A new board of directors was formed. The board of directors now consists of Finn, Jesper and Jannik Andersen plus two leading employees.

Change of ownership. New owners is a groups of investors, headed by Torben S. Frandsen, Managing Director, HD.

BabyDan UK - Unit 706 Merlin Park - Burscough Industrial Estate - Lancashire, L40 8JY   



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