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The Avantgarde Gate is a stylish combination of bars made from high quality beech wood and a metal frame. This very popular gate is available in two colour combinations. It is a True Pressure Fit Safety Gate, meaning the gate can be fitted without the use of wall cups. No drilling or screwing required - your wall or frame is intact, when you no longer need a safety gate. The built in indicator shows you whether the gate has been mounted correctly. One handed operation.

Standard gate 71,3 - 77,6 cm (28,1”-30,5”)
With 1 extension 77,5 - 84,4 (30,6”-33,2”)
With 2 extensions 83,7 - 91,1 (33”-35,8”)
With 3 extensions 90,2 - 97,6*  (35,6”-38,4”)*
With 4 extensions 96,7 - 104,1* (38,1”-40,9”)*
With 5 extensions 103,2 - 110,6* (40,7”-43,5”)*
With 6 extensions 109,7 - 117,1* (43,2”-46,1”)*
* use wall cups

Tested and approved in accordance with EN1930:2011
Made in Denmark

What is a True Pressure Fit Safety Gate?
Baby Dan is the only manufacturer to produce True Pressure Fit Safety Gates under the new standard. A True Pressure Fit Gate is not screwed on to the door frame or wall, but fitted in place under pressure. That means you avoid marks and holes in the wall or frame. This type of gate is well suited for use at the foot or top of a staircase and at doorways of utility room, kitchen, bathroom or other rooms where you prefer to keep your child supervised.

Indicator - extra safety for you and your child
All Baby Dan pressure fit safety gates feature a build in safety indicator, showing if the gate has been mounted correctly. The indicator is an extra safety measure for you as a parent and others caring for your child.

If the indicator is:
Invisible/white: Your safety gate has been mounted correctly.
Visible/red: Tighten the nuts. If the indicator is still visible on the closed gate add wall cups. If adding wall cups doesn’t help you cannot mount the gate safely in this opening. Choose a screwmounted gate instead.

Click here  to download instructions for Avantgarde


BabyDan UK - Unit 706 Merlin Park - Burscough Industrial Estate - Lancashire, L40 8JY   



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