Angel Brace by BabyDan, White

By fitting the Angel Brace and the Angel Feast to the frame, you get a chair that you can use for your child when he or she can sit up unaided. Once the fittings are installed, it’s easy to mount and remove the seat without using tools. The brace comes with a harness to provide extra security for your child.
The brace is part of the award winning Angel line that is a concept, which unites the functions of a crib, a high chair, and a bouncer in one product with the frame as the center. You can easily click on and off the frame.

Angel Brace by BabyDan, White







White painted rubber tree



Item Number

# 2644-04-01

Safety Standard

EN 14988-1:2006


Warning: Make sure that any harness is correctly fitted
Warning: Do not use the high chair unless all components are correctly fitted and adjusted
Warning: Be aware of the risk og open fire and other source of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc., in the near vicinity of the chair
Warning: Do not leave the child unattended
Important: only suitable with the Angel Feast seat unit
Important: Do not use the high chair until the child can sit unaided
Important: Do not use the high chair of any part is broken or missing
Important: Do not use accessories or replacement parts other than those approved by BabyDan
Care of your product: clean wood, plastic and metal parts using warm water and a mid detergent. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Wipe dry with a firmly wrung cloth. Never use solvents, chemicals sourcing powders r sharp tools in connection with cleaning the wood, plastic and metal parts


  • Brace for your Angel Feast high chair
  • Easy to mount and remove without tools
  • Part of the Angel line 3 in 1