DanChair by BabyDan, Nature

The DanChair makes it easy for your little one to be part of family meals at the dining table. The high chair has adjustable seat height and footrest height so the DanChair will fit most tables. You can adjust it to fit perfectly as your child grows, too, so your child can use it for many, many years.
The DanChair comes with a brace, strap, and harness to make sure that your child is securely in place while using it. The extra long feet ensure maximum stability and safety so your child can’t tip the high chair over. Your child can use the DanChair when he or she is approximately 6 months old.

DanChair by BabyDan, Nature



83 cm


49 cm


57 cm




Treated rubber tree

Item Number

# 2638-02

Safety Standard

EN 14988:2017


  • Suitable for child from approximately 6 months old and until adulthood
  • High chair with brace, strap, and harness
  • Adjustable seat and footrest to fit your child as he or she grows
  • Brace and strap can easily be mounted and removed without tools
  • Maximum stability and safety