Angel Nest by BabyDan, White and Grey

The Angel Nest cradle is the perfect fit if you want a crib for your newborn baby that is easy to bring on the move. The cradle will make a safe nest for you sweet, little newborn to sleep in. You can fold both the cradle and the frame so you can easily bring it with you or store it when not in use. The cradle is part of the award winning Angel line that is a concept, which unites the functions of a crib, a highchair, and a bouncer in one product with the frame as the center. You can easily click on and off the frame.

Angel Nest by BabyDan, White and Grey



95 cm


46 cm


80.4 cm




Beaver nylon



Item Number

# 2640-07-02

Safety Standard

EN 16780

EN 16890


Warning: This product is suitable only for a child who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push itself up on its hands and knees
Maximum weight of the child: 9 kg
Warning: The Angel Nest carry cot is only suitable to use on the Angel Stand
The dimensions of a suitable mattress is 290x750x40 mm
When used together with the stand the combined product complies with EN1466


  • Cradle serving as a nest to make your newborn feel safe
  • Foldable cradle and frame to make it easy to bring on the move
  • Part of the Angel line 3 in 1
  • Fabric is removable and washable