BabyDan Perfect Close, White

Pressure Fit

Once your little one is on the move, it’s important to ensure they she or he is safe in the home. This BabyDan Perfect Close safety gate is a great solution because it has a child proof double locking Quick Close feature that allows you to slam the gate to close it when in a hurry. You can even slam the gate without making loud clicking sounds. It’s a pressure fit safety gate which means that you don’t have to drill holes into the wall or door frame. The gate is suitable for both doorways and stairs and you can open the gate wither way with just one hand.

BabyDan Perfect Close, White


Type of mounting

Pressure Fit


72.5 cm


77 cm


4 cm

Minimum Opening

77.3 cm

Maximum Opening

83.5 cm

Dimensions with Extensions (sold separately):

  • With 1 extension 83.5-90.3 cm
  • With 2 extensions 89.8-97.1 cm
  • With 3 extensions 96.5-103.6 cm
  • WIth 4 extensions 103-110 cm
Distance Between Bars



PE (Polyethylene) and powder coated steel



Item Number

# 61014-2400-01

Safety Standard

EN 1930 : 2011


Warning: Read the instructions before installation as incorrect installation can be dangerous
Warning: This safety barrier must not be fitted across windows
Warning: Never use without wall cups
When fitted as instructed, between two clean structurally sound surfaces, this gate conforms to EN 1930:2011
This safety barrier is for domestic use only
This gate is designed for children up to 24 months
This safety gate is made from metal
The safety barrier has a manual closing system


  • Pressure fit safety gate
  • Quick and Silent Close feature makes closing the gate easy and silent
  • Opens both ways
  • Can be operated with one hand