DreamSafe Breathable Cuddle Nest

Your newborn baby will be cozy and safe in thehigh quality Cuddle Nest. It gives him or her a feeling of safety like the one in mommy’s tummy. It's made of 3D air layers so your child can breathe freely even if he or she sleeps with the face into the mattress or sides. It also has a integrated and breathable sheet. It has a foam mattress to ensure good comfort for your little one. The mattress is of high quality so it won't be shaped after your child's body, which is healthier for the child. There's a mattress protector, too, so it mattress doesn't get ruined by body fluids. Like all products from DreamSafe the Cuddle Nest is ideal for babies with allergies. The entire Cuddle Nest is washable in case your baby has an accident.

DreamSafe Breathable Cuddle Nest



12 cm


54 cm


94 cm



Item Number

# 1465


  • Safe and allergy friendly Cuddle Nest
  • Gives your child a feeling of safety
  • Suitable for newborns
  • Foam mattress ensures good comfort
  • Washable