Sofie By My Side Bed by BabyDan, White

The By-my-side baby bed is an ideal solution if you want to sleep close to your little one without having him or her in your bed. You can mount the bed on the side of your bed and remove the side of the baby bed. It can stand as a small cot beside your bed, too. Either way, it makes co-sleeping safe and helps transition your child into his or her bed. It has an adjustable bottom that provides a good opportunity for you to customize it to your needs. The lockable wheels allow you to easily bring the bed with you around the home. For secure mounting on your bed, remember to use the supplied strap.

Sofie By My Side Bed by BabyDan, White



80.5 cm


45.5 cm


88 cm


Pinewood from New Zealand



Item Number

# 1147-01


Important: Must be assembled by an adult as the product contains small parts
Warning: Never leave your child unattended
Carefully unpack the cradle and check that you have all the parts according to parts checklist
Warning: Never leave your child unattended
Only use original spare parts from the manufacturer
The lockable wheels must be locked when the child is in cradle
Only use the product when fully assembled
Always place the cradle on a flat, even floor
Never leave children play around the cradle without supervision
Never use the cradle if it is damaged in any way or if parts are missing
When a child is able to sit, kneel or pull itself up, the cradle shall not be used anymore for this child
Be sure that all screws and fittings always are fastened and that there are no loose parts that the clothes or parts of your child’s body may get caught in (i.e. strings, necklaces, strings for soothers etc.). Do also regularly check that the cradle is not damaged in any way.Regularly retighten all screws
For the cradle, we recommend that you use a mattress of size 40 x 84 cm
The distance from the top of the mat tress to the upper edge of the cradle side must be minimum 200 mm (marked with a mark on the cradle)
WARNING: Never place the cradle close to an open fire or other sources of strong heat such as electrical bar fires, gas fires, etc. in the near vicinity of the cradle
Complies with EN 1130:1997, when all sides are mounted on the cradle
IMPORTANT: Always make sure that the cradle is completely close to the bed by tightening the belt firmly. Check regularly that there is no gap between the cradle and the bed, and that the belt is securely mounted
The child must not have access to the belt
Clean with a damp, firmly wrung soft cloth
Regularly air the mattress to avoid development of hyphomycetes


  • Baby bed by my side
  • Encourages co-sleeping and helps transition your child into his or her own bed
  • Adjustable bottom with 6 settings from 27 cm to 45 cm above the floor
  • Size: 40 x 84 cm