Sofie Junior Bed by BabyDan

Give your child a good night’s sleep with the Sofie Junior bed. It’s the perfect choice if your child is becoming a toddler. The bed has a bed guard on both sides so your child doesn’t fall out of bed while he or she is getting used to the shift from a cot to a junior bed. The bed guards are shortened to make it easier for you as a parent to sit on the bed, for example, during bedtime stories.

Sofie Junior Bed by BabyDan



68.5 cm


79 cm


164 cm


Pinewood from New Zealand



Item Number

# 1149-01


Please read the instruction carefully before you mount the product
Wrong mounting might cause damage to the product or in worst case to the child
Suited for children from four years and up
Suitable mattress size: 70X160 cm
Warning: Do not place the bed next to heat sources, windows or other furniture
Warning: Do not use the bed if part of it is broken, torn or missing
Only use spare parts available from the manufacturer
All mounting parts must be properly tightened and regularly controlled
Make sure that all screws and hinges always are properly tightened and that there a re no loose parts, which your child’s clothes or body parts can be caught with (e.g. straps, necklaces, dummy chains etc.)
Check that the bed in no way is damaged
Never use more than one mattress in the bed
Children are likely to play, jump and climb on the bed and therefore the child’s bed should not be placed too close to other furniture or windows. It should be placed either close to the walls or have a distance of 300 mm between wall and the side of the bed
Complies with BS8509:2008+A1:2011
Clean the bed with hot soap water. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Wipe with damp cloth
Never use abrasive cleaners, bleaching agents, or sharp objects in connection with cleaning the bed


  • Junior bed with bed guards
  • Bed rail on each side of the bed to secure your child while he or she is sleeping
  • Great when your child is becoming a toddler