Swing Cradle with Canopy Holder by BabyDan

The first bed that your little one will sleep in at home is a very important purchase. With this swing cradle, you have a safe and practical first bed for your child. It has a gliding action to ease your child gently to sleep. If you don’t want the bed to swing you can easily lock it into a stationary position. The beech wood bottom allows optimal airflow to the mattress for extra comfort and hygiene. Therefore, this high-quality swing cradle will last for several generations. If you want to move the crib while the child is sleeping, you can purchase wheels separately.

Swing Cradle with Canopy Holder by BabyDan



74 cm


40 cm


84 cm







Item Number

# 1198-01-1


Adult assembly required due to the presence of small parts.
The correct use and maintenance of your cradle will ensure a long and unproblematic use. When others use your cradle, you should make sure that they also know how to use it correctly. The safety of your child is your responsibility
Carefully unpack the cradle and check that you have all the parts according to below parts checklist
You will need the following tools to assemble your cradle: Allen key (included), straight-bladed screwdriver
Clean with a damp, firmly wrung soft cloth. If necessary use a mild detergent
Regularly re-tighten all screws
Regularly air the mattress to avoid development of hyphomycetes
Always place the cradle on a flat, even floor
Never leave children play around the cradle without supervision
When you leave your child in the cradle without supervision, the cradle must always be in locked position so that it cannot swing
Never use the cradle if it is damaged in any way or if parts are missing
When a child is able to sit, kneel or pull itself up, the cradle shall not be used anymore for this child
Be sure that all screws and fittings always are fastened and that there are no loose parts that the clothes or parts of your child’s body may get caught in (i.e. strings, chains, strings for soothers etc.). Regularly re-tighten all screws
Regularly check that the cradle is not damaged in any way
For the cradle, we recommend that you use a mattress of size 40 x 84 cm
The distance from the top of the mattress to the upper edge of the cradle side must be minimum 200 mm (marked with a mark on the gable of the cradle). Due to this, you should use a mattress with a maximum thickness of 100 mm
Never use the cradle without the stand
WARNING: Never place the cradle close to an open fire or other very hot heating sources


  • Beautiful and safe swing crib
  • Mattress size: 40 x 84 cm
  • Height without drape holder: 74 cm
  • Maximum weight: 20 kg