BD Plast

The plastics company BD Plast was founded in 2015 and is part of the BabyDan group. The aim is for BD Plast to make BabyDan self-sufficient in the production of the plastic parts needed for the safety gates and the smaller home safety products. It is generally BabyDan’s ambition to be as self-sufficient as possible, since this allows us to create an environmentally-friendly production.

Production around the clock

BD Plast is engaged in manufacturing around the clock, 99 hours a week


700 Multi Locks

On average, 700 BabyDan Multi Locks are manufactured every hour


245 corner guards

On average, we are able to produce up to 245 BabyDan corner cushions every hour



We recycle and reuse more than 97% of the plastic in our production


Robot controlled

The majority of the mounting and production machines are robot controlled


Green in every aspect

We only use green energy sourced from Danish wind turbines


How does BD Plast manufacture?

The factory has optimized facilities and the latest robot controlled production machines for moulding small plastic components and home safety products.

It can be difficult to visualise exactly what this entails. But imagine a whole lot of large waffle irons, with shapes for the little plastic components instead of heart-shaped waffles. The component could be, for instance, the handle for the BabyDan safety gate or our BabyDan Multi Lock.

Once the different components have been moulded, they will need to be assembled into, for example, the BabyDan Multi Lock. This is a task that some of the many robots complete onsite.

Each robot has its own set of tasks and it could be anything from assembling several plastic components to testing whether the springs in the BabyDan Multi Lock are working properly.

Operation Clean Sweep partner

BD Plast wants to lead by example and take extra precautions to ensure that plastic does not end up in the ocean or nature. That is why we have signed up to be an Operation Clean Sweep partner, along with the LEGO group, Salling Plast and VELUX, among others.

As a partner, BD Plast is committed to avoiding plastic waste and to train employees to always prevent, collect, clean and dispose of excess plastic responsibly. This commitment is a way of working toward zero waste of plastic.

Essentially what this means is that BD Plast works every day to ensure that all plastic remnants from the production are reused and do not end up in nature or the oceans.

Operation Clean Sweep is an international initiative aimed at preventing manufacturing companies’ plastic waste products from ending up in nature.

The initiative is the plastic industry's own response to dealing with plastic production in such a way that it does not become a source of pollution. You can read more about Operation Clean Sweep on the website.

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Biodegradable safety products

Sustainability is a core priority for both BabyDan and BD Plast. As part of the BabyDan Group, BD Plast is compliant with and contributes to BabyDan’s work in relation to environmental targets and minimizing our impact on the environment.

That is why BD Plast makes BabyDan's biodegradable corner cushions and safety locks. At BD Plast, we are always working on developing plastic that is as bio-degradable and as reusable as possible - and which concurrently meet our strict requirements to be the safest products for your child.

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