Cot Bumpers

If your child finds it difficult to settle down around bedtime or if he or she is a restless sleeper, a cot bumper can be a great helper. It is attached along the inside of the bed and acts as a protective barrier that can help your child to relax and feel safer in bed. A cot bumper also makes your child safer, as it means the child will not hurt itself on the hard sides and edges of the bed. Cot bumpers are particularly important if your child tosses and turns a lot in bed.

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More about cot bumpers

Increase the safety of the cot with a cot bumper
A cot bumper makes the cot more secure and safe for your child. At BabyDan, you can find several different kinds of cot bumpers in great colours that will both brighten up the child’s room and protect your child. All of our cot bumpers are designed to fit cots. A cot bumper is a long, thick and soft pillow that you place around the insides of the cot. A cot bumper prevents the child from bumping against the sides of the bed and potentially getting a bruise - after all, it can be quite painful if the child bangs his or her head against one of the sides of the bed while sleeping. A cot bumper can also act as a barrier against light and sounds in the vicinity, and this helps the child calm down and fall asleep.
Some cot bumpers are 360 cm long and can reach all the way around the bed, while others are 180 cm long and reach halfway around. Both are great choices, and the one that is best for you depends on how uneasy of a sleeper your child is. Some children toss and turn a lot and find it difficult to rest at night. For such children, the long cot bumper is the ideal choice, as it can act as a soft and protective nest surrounding the child and preventing him or her from bumping against the sides - no matter how much tossing and turning takes place. If your child is generally a sound sleeper and hardly ever ends up near the end of the bed during a night, then it is perfectly fine to just go with a 180 cm cot bumper.

Select a breathable cot bumper for optimal safety
In order to make the cot as safe as humanly possible for your child, you can choose a DreamSafe cot bumper - a DreamSafe cot bumper is breathable, meaning that your child will still be able to breathe easily even if they are sleeping with their faces directly against them. This means that you will not have to worry about your child at night, as the cot bumper protects against bruises and ensures that the child can always breathe freely.
Just as with the BabyDan cot bumpers, the DreamSafe cot bumpers are thick, meaning that they maintain their shape no matter much your child tosses and turns at night. Some cot bumpers have laces that you can use to tie them to the side of the bed. DreamSafe cot bumpers are self-supporting and do not use laces, and this makes them easier to set up and remove as needed. That also makes it easier to take the cot bumper with you when you are travelling, when junior is sleeping over with the grandparents or if you are going on a vacation.