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As soon as your child begins to crawl, it is time to child proof those areas in your home where the child might get hurt. In our busy lives, we may find it difficult to always take into account all of the safety measures - and therefore, child proofing is a great way of making the home safer for children. Child proofing products prevent the child from getting access to unsafe areas and items. As a result, child proofing products help you to make sure that your child is safe without you having to be on alert all the time. You can find child proofing products for electrical sockets, drawers, doors, windows and many other areas, allowing you to have a home where curious little fingers do not get into trouble.

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Child proofing your home
Before you know it, children will have begun crawling around and begin wanting to explore the house on their own. Children are curious, and they quickly learn how to open closets, drawers, doors and cupboards. You will surely begin losing patience with having to clean up after the little one after the third time that a cupboard’s contents have been spread all over the living room. Or maybe the little rascal has already ‘decorated’ the entire bathroom with toilet paper? For the sake of both you and your child, it is important to child proof your home. Your child will not get hurt playing with toilet paper, but it can turn out really badly if the child gets fingers stuck in a closing door or if some toy is used to explore an electrical socket. Therefore, you must take some precautionary measures as a parent and child proof your home so accidents are kept to an absolute minimum. When you use BabyDan’s child proofing products, you can be absolutely sure that you are keeping your child safe - and none of the child proofing products contain PVC or other harmful substances.

How to child proof your home
Child proofing your home does not have to be difficult or look silly. BabyDan develops and manufactures its own child proofing products that help you take good care of your child. They are small and simple and easy to install, and they fit well into the existing decor. There are many different kinds of child proofing products, meaning that you can child proof the entire home. There are many different kinds of locks that keep children from opening cupboards and drawers. You can also child proof doors and windows so that the child does not get fingers stuck in them or fall out of an open window. If your child has reached the age where he or she is beginning to grab hold of everything within reach, it is a really good idea to use the Anti-Tip furniture strap which prevents furniture from tipping over. After all, if the child starts trying to get up while holding a free-standing closet, there is a real danger that the closet might fall down over the child. When you child proof your home, it is important that you also child proof the stairs and wood burning stove. You can use a safety gate for that, and you will find many different kinds of them here in the webshop.