Here you can find anything you or your child will need for bathing. There are products for before, during and after bath time. The changing cushions match the changing tables in the category with the same name.

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More about accessories

Find just the right accessories for bath time and changing diapers
There are a lot of accessories that can make bath time and changing diapers easier for both you and your child. The bathtub is only a hit when it is comfortable and the water is at a good temperature. You can make the bathtub more comfortable using a bath support for your newborn and a stool for toddlers. With a thermometer, you can be sure that the water has the right temperature so that the bath experience becomes nice and safe for your little one. A soft bath cape or a cosy poncho can make it easier getting the little one out of the bath again.
The changing table only really shines when it has a soft, comfortable and safe changing cushion or changing mattress that your child enjoys lying on. If the changing table is in the child’s room, a top and tail bowl or a wash basin will make changing diapers much easier and more hygienic.

Make potty training safe and comfortable
When your child reaches an age where it is time to move past diapers, changing time turns into potty training. No two children are the same, so it also varies when they begin to feel comfortable about using the potty and, subsequently, using the toilet. Some children may feel most comfortable with a classic potty, while other children need a toilet seat that can be placed on top of regular toilet. Some children may have a hard time moving past the diaper phase, and for them, the toilet trainer could be essential. A toilet trainer is a child-sized toilet with flushing noises, so that it looks and sounds like an adult toilet. It is a great way of making a game out of moving past diapers and thereby letting the child feel safe on the toilet.