With a high chair or baby bouncer, the newest addition to the family can also join you at the dinner table. It is important to have a good cushion for the high chair so that the child is sitting comfortably. If your child is still being breastfed, it is also important to have a good nursing pillow and breast pads.

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More about eating

Eating time is quality time
In our busy lives, it is often the dinner table that the family gathers around. A high chair or baby bouncer allows everyone to sit around the table together. Before your child is big enough to sit and eat by themselves, you might be bottle feeding or breastfeeding. During that period, it is important that you have a good nursing pillow so that both you and your little one are comfortable, as nursing pillows make feeding time easier - whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding. If you are breastfeeding, good breast pads will really help you out, as when you are breastfeeding, you may get stains on your clothes between breastfeeding sessions. BabyDan’s breast pads prevent these stains and also take good care of your skin.

Choose a safe and comfortable high chair
A high chair is indispensable once your child becomes old enough to sit upright and eat. It is not just practical, but it also helps to have the whole family eating together and having a good time around the dinner table. Little children cannot sit on regular chairs, as there is the risk of them falling down and hurting themselves. A high chair is designed based on the needs of children, and it ensures that both safety and comfort are top notch. When you select a high chair, it is important that you consider both the design, comfort and safety issues. Unfortunately, there have been many accidents where children tip over backwards and fall down with the chair they are sitting on - you can eliminate that risk by using one of BabyDan’s highchairs, as they have long legs which prevent the chair from tipping over. Another way to increase safety is to buy a brace which will also ensure that the child cannot fall of the chair. The Danchair is robust - so robust that even adults can easily sit on it, and this means that the rest of the family can also use it once in a while if needed.

The Angel series - a practical and safe solution
If you are living in an apartment and do not have a lot of space in your home, the Angel series might be the perfect solution for you, as it is a 3-in-1 product range that consists of a frame that you can use for both the included sleeping box, baby bouncer and highchair. Therefore instead of needing to find space for three relatively bulky pieces of furniture in your home, you can save space and have your child still be safe and comfortable with the Angel series. The baby bouncer can be a smart solution for eating time when your child is still too small to sit in a high chair.