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Bathrooms typically have a lot of electrical sockets and cupboards that the little ones should not be interacting with. Locks for drawers and cupboards, electrical socket plugs and sliding door locks are some of the child proofing products that are particularly suitable for the bathroom.

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Bathroom safety
It is important that bathroom safety is top notch when there are little children in the house. Bathrooms contain a lot of electrical sockets, drawers and cupboards that you do not want your child interacting with. You can also use electrical socket plugs so that your child does not stick anything into them and risk being shocked.
For drawers and cupboards, BabyDan has different kinds of locks for them so that they can all be child proofed - whether it be sliding doors or regular closets. You can use a door stopper to prevent your child’s fingers from being stuck in a closing door. If you have a dresser or some other piece of furniture in the bathroom, you can use the Anti-Tip strap to secure the furniture to the wall and ensure that they do not fall down on your child.
When you use BabyDan’s child proofing products, you can be absolutely sure that you are keeping your child safe - none of the child proofing products contain PVC or other harmful substances.