In the Pram and Stroller

It is nice to go for a walk with the pram or stroller and get some fresh air. However, on days where it is snowing or raining, it can be a bit more challenging to motivate yourself to go. Yet with the right accessories, the trip will be pleasant for both you and your child in all kinds of weather. Then you can simply enjoy each other’s company or the child can have a nice nap without being disturbed by insects or rain drops.

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Make the pram and stroller safe
Your child will definitely enjoy going for walks in the pram or stroller, both when walking around and experiencing the surroundings with you but also when he or she takes a little nap during the trip. Whether the child is awake or napping during the trip, it is important that you protect him or her against wind and rain. It is easy to do so via a mosquito net, sun shade or rain coat for the pram. You can also make the trip more comfortable for yourself with a number of different accessories, such as a mobile phone holder, cup holder and double hook.

Protect the child in the pram from wind and the weather
The mosquito net is great to use during the summer months when a lot of bugs are flying around. Those bugs may be an annoyance to your child, especially when he or she wants to take a nap. The same goes for the sun shade, which protects your child against the rays of the sun and makes the trip both more pleasant and safer.
The raincoat can be used year round, as BabyDan’s raincoats have climate control and great ventilation. This prevents the little one from getting too hot down in the pram. There are also reflectors on the raincoats so that you are visible in traffic when it is dark. This ensures that both of you are extremely safe when going for a walk with the pram.
If the little one in the pram has an older sibling, you can easily bring him or her as well - even if the eldest does not feel like walking. With BabyDan’s pram seat, it is easy and safe to have both children with you. It also allows you to have some extra quality time with the older child while the younger one is taking a nap in the pram.
You can also make it easy to bring along a cup of coffee on your trips - the cup holder allows you to bring your thermos or a bottle of water along without having to hold it in your hand all the time.

Remember the pram harness
The most important thing in terms of safety when it comes to the pram is having a good pram harness. When your child begins to be able to sit up on their own and be more active in the pram or stroller, it is extremely important that he or she is wearing a stroller or pram harness. Otherwise, the child may in a split-second lean out over the pram’s edge, and this can end up being a really terrible accident. The pram harness keeps your child safe and secure while also allowing him or her as much freedom of movement as possible. The harnesses from BabyDan are adjustable, so you can make them larger as the child grows. When using a pram harness, you can also have peace of mind while your child is sleeping in the pram and not have to constantly check up on him or her while in the garden or courtyard. Like all other pram accessories, the harnesses are, of course, entirely free of harmful substances, so when choosing a BabyDan harness, you can be completely sure that both the comfort, quality and safety are top notch.

Make the stroller safe and practical
The stroller is a great choice for small trips or for bringing along on weekend getaways and holidays. You can make the stroller even more practical with accessories that make everyday life even easier - for example, if you use the stroller when going shopping, a double hook will be a great help. This allows you to hang grocery bags on the hook instead of having to stumble along trying to hold on to the bags and controlling the stroller at the same time. This also makes the trip more comfortable and safe for your child. You can also install a cup holder on the handle of the stroller so that it becomes easier to bring coffee or a water battle along for the trip.
During the summer months, you can protect your child against the sun by using a sun shade or a parasol. This makes the trip much more comfortable and safe for the child.