Here's a list of our global resellers and distributors.

If you're looking for resellers in Denmark, Sweden or Norway we have dedicated sites for that. Just click the link for that country to go to that site.

If you're looking USA we have a dedicated site and shop. Access it by clicking this link.



  • 3H Innovation Material (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd
  • Babimex N.V.
  • Baby Love 2000
  • Bom Company
  • Cocuk Guvenlik
  • Danish By Design
  • Fireside Company Ltd.
  • Flying Lynx Oy
  • Independent Marketing S. A.
  • Ing. Lubomir Fiedler
  • J A Ellul & Co. Ltd
  • Lapsekas Oy
  • Meiku Company Limited
  • Moeto Bebe Eood
  • Mother And Child Ltd
  • Oü Greifto
  • Protex
  • Sarraf Limited
  • Scandinavian Baby Piotr Dmowski
  • Shingu Shoko
  • Tiltak Bv
  • Viking Imports Limited