Ponchos and Bath Capes

A bath cape or poncho is essential for bath time. Normal towels will be far too large for your little one, but if you use a child-sized bath cape or a poncho, you can easily keep your child warm after a lovely bath, as it is important that your child does not get cold after a bath. Your child will love the feeling of being wrapped in the soft bath cape or hiding inside the soft poncho, which also comes with a hood. This creates a lot of bonding moments between you and your child. Here you will find BabyDan’s high-quality bath capes and ponchos in lots of great colours.

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More about ponchos and bath capes

Keep your child warm for longer after a bath by using a bath cape or a poncho
With little children in the house, there are a lot of things that are simply indispensable everyday products. Some are more obvious than others, and it is often the not quite so obvious products that might be the most needed.
A bath cape or a poncho is one of those things that are essential if you want to prevent your child from being cold after a bath. Ordinary towels are far too large for your child, and he or she will quickly disappear inside the towel without getting properly dry and warm after the bath. Therefore, it is important that you have one or more bath capes or ponchos for junior. This allows you to easily wrap your child in them and keep him or her warm and dry. Your child will love that experience. The bath capes can also be used as towels for your child, while the ponchos come with hoods for your child to enjoy.
All of BabyDan’s bath capes and ponchos are soft cotton towels. A child’s skin is more sensitive than your own, and therefore you must only use the best and softest materials for them. This is why all of BabyDan’s bath capes and ponchos are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified. In other words, they are completely free of harmful substances, and therefore you can feel completely at ease letting your child wrap the bath cape or poncho around themselves. All bath capes and ponchos come in several great colours.