News: Breast pads by BabyDan

Say goodbye to breast milk stains on your clothes

Have you experienced that? Sometimes, between breastfeeding sessions, there will be dark breast milk stains on your clothes. However, you will not have to worry about that anymore with our new breast pads. They are ultra absorbent, super thin and feel comfortable against the skin. You can get them in either black or white versions to match either your light or dark bras.


Here you can see how much liquid a breast pad can absorb

As the video shows, we did our test with 2 dl of water, and they passed with flying colours.

In the video, you can also see how the breast pad’s absorbent core takes in the liquid and remains dry against your skin.

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Makes the breaks between breastfeeding more comfortable for mothers

Breastfeeding needs to be easy and comfortable. Therefore, we have developed our very own breast pads to make the breaks between breastfeeding more comfortable for mothers.

The breast pads have an ultra absorbent core which absorbs the milk in no time and ensures that it does not stain your clothes. They feel dry against the skin.

This keeps you from feeling any wetness and they are soft and breathable, so they are gentle on your skin as well. This is particularly important if you sometimes experience breast inflammation.

The breast pads are also very thin, so they are almost invisible even in tight clothing. They also do not get wrinkled so they are easy and comfortable to use.

You can choose between either white or black breast pads, meaning that you can have ones for both your light and dark bras. There are 24 breast pads in each pack.

5 protective layers - 1 less thing to worry about

The breast pads are so absorbent because they are constructed of five protective layers.

The first layer is a soft surface covered by little six-sided figures. This is the pattern you can see in the video above when the breast pads have absorbed the liquids.

The extra absorbent core is between two layers of silk paper that together create the breast pad’s extremely absorbent quality.

The layer against your skin is made from a breathable polyethylene film. This ensures that your skin can breathe and prevents it from becoming moist.

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