Angel — 3-in-1 furniture

Angel by BabyDan is a multi-functional piece of furniture. You get a crib, a baby bouncer and a highchair in one product.

It's ideal if you're staying in a small home, when you're going to visit others and when you're going on holiday. You can buy the parts individually or buy the complete package to get all of the advantages.

Ideal for small homes and for holidays

The Angel set is ideal for people living in a small home, such as, for example, a small apartment. This is because the whole set can be easily folded together so that it takes up very little space. At the same time, the set fills less than if you were going to invest in a crib, a baby bouncer and a highchair separately.

Angel is also brilliant for use during trips and vacations. For example, it is very easy to bring the frame with the crib, the baby bouncer or the highchair if you have to eat dinner at someone's place. Then you bring a crib or a chair with you which your child is comfortable using and which fills almost nothing either in the car, train or at the home of those you are going to visit. The kit is also easy to take with you on holiday, so you don't have to stuff the car with equipment for your child. After all, it can quickly get out of hand, the packing, when you are going on holiday with your child.

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Angel Stand - the frame

The A-shaped frame is the central aspect of Angel, which binds all the parts together. You can easily click the crib, the baby bouncer and the highchair on and off the frame. You can also easily fold up the frame if you are not using it or if you need to bring it along on a trip - when folded, it takes up almost no space at all. This is really great if, for example, you are going to dinner and want to bring a crib, baby bouncer or highchair.

When you want to put the crib, baby bouncer or highchair on the frame, you will hear a loud clicking sound, letting you know for sure that the part is well connected on the frame. With a simple push of the buttons in the sides, you can easily take the parts off the frame.

The frame and all parts are made in sturdy wood and comply with the strictest safety standard.

Angel Stand by BabyDan

“Angel is a super smart 3-in-1 set that doesn’t fill much in the home, and it has a nice and simple design. The kit is well thought out in terms of its functions and it can follow the baby from the newborn phase to the time when the child is old enough to sit at the table.”

— Trine Frandsen, mother of Malte, Lærke and Lucas


Angel Nest — the crib

The crib is great for using both at home and while on holiday. It is a lift with a wooden bottom plate, which has air holes for the mattress to breathe. The exterior is coated, so you can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth.

The hood that comes with the product can be attached to each side via push buttons. That allows you to take it on and off as needed. The hood makes your child feel like it is in a little ‘nest’, shielded from the outside world.

Angel Nest by BabyDan

Angel Rest — the baby bouncer

The baby bouncer is ideal for your child when he or she is not yet large enough to sit in a highchair alone. Here the baby bouncer is a good seat for when feeding your child, because the child can sit in a safe position. This also allows the child to sit around the table with the rest of you - and you do not have to hold the baby on your lap if he or she insists on joining you at the table.

You can also set the baby bouncer to a reclining position when the child is resting or playing.

It has a 5-point harness, ensuring that your child is sitting in it safely. The chair is made of coated fabric, so you can easily wipe the slurp, porridge and other stains off the chair.

Anget Rest by BabyDan

“It will probably sound a little lame if we write that Angel by BabyDan is heaven sent, but we have to take that risk. Rarely have we come across such an innovative, thought-out and user-friendly product.”


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Angel Feast — Highchair

Once your child has grown out of the baby bouncer, he or she is ready to use the highchair. The Angel Feast consists of a seat with a backrest, a footplate and a mountable hanger and harness.

Therefore, you can use the highchair already when your child can sit up on his/her own and all the way up until the school age, because you can take the hanger and harness off. You can put the footplate at three different heights, so that the chair get bigger as your child grows.

Angel Feast by BabyDan

All in one or individual parts?

It pays off to buy the complete set so that you get the full benefits. This is ideal for those who have a newborn or a toddler, as you can then get all the benefits from Angel’s three parts.

You can of course also buy the parts individually if you only need a crib, baby bouncer or high chair. It can also be smart to buy an extra part if you have more than one child. Then both the youngest and the oldest can enjoy the Angel series.

Angel Complete Package by BabyDan