Here you can find all of the accessories that you will need when your child needs to eat - regardless of whether the child is old enough to sit and eat in a high chair or if it is still nursing. You can find both nursing pillows and breast pads and chair cushions and baby bouncers.

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More about accessories

Make eating time a comfortable experience
You can make eating time a more comfortable experience with accessories. Your child will only really sit perfectly comfortably in the high chair if it has a good chair cushion on it. Babydan’s chair cushions are soft and comfortable for children, and they will enjoy sitting on them.
You can also find a brace for the Angel Feast high chair that you can use for your child when he or she needs it. When the child gets bigger and no longer needs the brace, you can simply remove it and use the highchair without it.

When eating time is nursing time
During the period before your child is big enough to sit in a baby bouncer or a highchair, eating time equals breastfeeding time or bottle feeding time. When you breastfeed or bottle feed your child, it is important that you have a good nursing pillow, as that will ensure that both you and your child are comfortable and it also makes it easier for your child to calm down and be fed. If you are breastfeeding, a breast pad is indispensable as well - breast pads ensure that you will not get stains on your clothes between breastfeeding sessions. The breast pads from BabyDan come in both black and white, so that they can match your bras.