Foam Playmats

A foam play mat is a hit with children of all ages - it is nice and soft to sit on when playing, and it also makes playing on the floor more comfortable. Foam play mats can make it a safer experience with less bruises when the child is learning how to crawl.

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More about foam playmats

Foam play mats make play safe and comfortable
A foam play mat is a great for playing on top of. It is also ideal for when your child is still flailing about and learning how to crawl, as it lets the child move on something that is more stable than most wooden floors or tiles. It is also much softer to fall on, which may happen as the crawling technique is still being worked on.
All of BabyDan’s foam play mats can be separated and reassembled, and this is also a great exercise for your child. For the slightly older children, foam play mats with numbers will be a great way of learning how to count. Foam play mats look great and will be a fine addition to any child’s room. They can also easily be used in playpens and together with an activity table.