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The living room is full of happy family moments and it is also where children play, but there are also many places where little curious fingers can end being dangerous. Therefore, it is important to review what little children might interact with in a room. Where are the electrical sockets? Are there pieces of furniture or a TV that needs to be firmly attached to the wall? Are there drawers and cupboards that little curious children should not be opening? Child proofing your home helps you to make the living room a safe place, allowing you to focus solely on happy family moments with your little one.

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Make the family living room a safe place for everyone
The living room is where families gather to have a good time, relax and play games. Therefore, it is also often a room that the newest addition to the family spends a lot of time in. It is important that the little one can play comfortably and safely in the living room, so you need to make sure that the entire area is child proof. In the living room, there are typically many electrical sockets that you can child proof with a socket plug. This will result in the child not being able to stick either their fingers or toys in the electrical socket and getting a shock.

Remember to child proof the furniture
You can child proof the many cupboards and drawers in the living room with various types of drawer/cupboard locks. There is also almost certainly a TV that needs to be child proofed if it is in reach of children and if it is elevated somehow. You can child proof such items with the Anti-Tip strap, which can also be used for other kinds of furniture. For example, it may be very important to fix cupboards and dressers to the wall. If you do not, there is a risk that they might fall down on the child if he or she happens to pull the drawers or wants to get up by grabbing hold of them.
There are also probably several windows or doors in the living room that you also need to pay attention to. You can child proof the windows so that they cannot open wide enough for the child to fall out of them. The window lock also ensures that the child will not get their fingers caught in the windows. The same goes for the door stop, which protects the child from getting his or her fingers caught up in a closing door.
If there is a staircase or wood burning stove in the living room, it is also extremely important to child proof those areas. You can use one of BabyDan’s safety gates, which can also be found here in the online store.
All of BabyDan’s child proofing products are free of harmful substances. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are keeping your child very safe when using our child proofing products.