When you have found a good bed and a good mattress, finding good sheets is the final step. Soft sheets can help your child get a good night’s sleep, and it can also brighten up the child’s room and make the bed a cosier place, which will make your child want to sleep there.

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More about sheets

Sheets make the bed extra soft and cosy
With the right sheet, you can make a good bed extra comfortable and cosy. Whether you are looking for sheets for a baby bed or junior bed, you can find it all here. There is also a broad selection of sheets in different colours and sizes. That means you can find something for both the lift in the baby carriage, the mattress in the crib, the cot and the junior bed. Some of the DreamSafe sheets are breathable, which makes the baby bed extra safe. Remember - there is no such things as having too much bedding for your little bundle of joy. Little accidents are bound to happen from time to time, or your child might sweat a lot at night. Therefore, it is nice for both of you if you always have fresh bedding around the clock. You can also find mattress protectors if you need them. All of BabyDan’s sheets are without harmful substances, so they are perfectly safe to tuck your child into.