If your child has begun crawling, then you know that it is hard keeping the little one in one place. With a playpen, you can have piece of mind while your little rascal plays in a safe and confined space. It is a smart solution for both you and your child. You can make the playpen extra cosy for your child by adding a playpen mat.

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More about playpens

Safe playtime with a playpen
As a parent, you can create a safe environment for your child’s play with a playpen. A playpen is also really useful for you when you need to clean, do the laundry or prepare some food. Your child can safely play and have a good time in the playpen without you having to worry about where he or she is going to crawl next and get into trouble.
Of course, it goes without saying that you should not leave your child in the playpen for long periods of time, but it is a great solution once in a while. You can add a soft and thick playpen mat to the bottom of the playpen and a cot bumper to the sides to make the playpen extra comfortable and cosy for the child. You can use a playpen from when your child is a newborn if you make sure that you also have a Cuddle Nest. However, playpens are particularly well-suited for children who have begun to crawl.

Playpens with height-adjustable floors
BabyDan has many different kinds of playpens, and you should choose the one that best matches the needs of you and your child. If you would like a playpen for your newborn, a playpen with a height-adjustable floor will be a good solution. These are great for newborns, as the adjustable floor allows you to interact with them easier. Height-adjustable floors are also useful if any four-legged members of your family are too eager or curious about the child. The more the child grows, the more you can decrease the height of the floor, allowing space for play.

Playpens with doors
Some playpens come with doors and no floor, meaning the floor of your house is used instead. In such cases, it is a really good idea to buy a playpen mat as well. These types of playpens are great to use for children that are slightly bigger and who have begun crawling. The child will have a calm and safe space to play in inside the playpen. You can add a cot bumper to the side of the playpen in order to reduce the risk of the child getting hurt if he or she is tumbling around and working on their balance.