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Here on our online store, you will not just find products from our own BabyDan brand, but also several other ones. We have selected three brands, as they all make some of the safest products for children aged 0-3. You can read more about them below or view the different brands’ products in the product category.


BabyDan is at the forefront of ensuring that homes are safe for little ones. We are a world leader when it comes to safety products and child proofing, because we always meet the latest standards and use safe and sustainable materials.

We pride ourselves on making you as well-equipped as possible to protect your child, allowing you as a family with children to feel 100% safe as you go about your daily life. Therefore, you can find a broad selection of safety gates, child proofing products and other aids that make life with a young child much safer.

About us

The world’s best safety products for children

The safety of your child is just as important to us at BabyDan as it is to you. All of our work revolves around helping you make your home as safe as it can be for your child. Therefore, our core values of safety, creativity and responsibility form the framework for all of our products.

All of our products are developed and manufactured in Denmark, ensuring that the focus is always in quality, sustainability and safety.

We also test our own products in our R&D division, meaning that we can always ensure that our products meet the latest standards. Therefore, when you choose a BabyDan product, you will know that you are always getting a very safe Danish design product made from the best materials and which never contains PVC or other harmful substances.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience working with child safety products, we are a member of the European committee that prepares safety standards for all of Europe. You can therefore always count on us and our products.

BabyDan Test Centre

Safety is everything

Safety has been worked into every detail of all BabyDan products. Our product range is extensive and covers all kinds of safety equipment for homes with children aged 0-3.

You can find anything from beds and cribs with mattresses and sheets to bathtubs and highchairs. Our DNA is in our safety gates and small safety locks and child proofing products - these are our core products, and also the safety products that we believe are the most important in making everyday life easier for you as a parent.

Safety Standards

The world’s best safety gates

We are world champions in making safety gates that meet the latest safety standards and which are made from the best materials. Therefore, you can feel completely confident about your choice when you decide on a safety gate from our broad selection that covers any needs and tastes.

You can use a safety gate anywhere in your house and in many different ways. No matter which safety gate you end up buying, it will restrict access to an area in your home such as perhaps a door or a staircase.

It is extremely important that you protect your child against stairs, wood burning stoves, doors and perhaps some other areas in your home that are unsuitable for children.

You can choose between pressure mounted safety gates and wall mounted safety gates, and you can find the exact kind of safety gate that best matches your needs.

All of the safety gates have a door that is incredibly easy to open and close for adults. This is an important factor, as no one wants a safety gate to be a source of frustration in daily life - it needs to be an easy and smart helper for the whole family every day.

Most safety gates come in black and white versions, so the gate will match the decor of the home and both safety and design are top notch.

All of our safety gates have been produced in our own factory in Denmark, where we constantly test how to make the safety gates even more user friendly, safe and environmentally friendly.

As with all of our other products, all safety gates are free of PVC and other harmful substances. We are certified by the ISO 14001 environmental standard, and this means that we keep our resource waste, energy consumption and environmental footprint to an absolute minimum.

BabyDan & sustainability

Safety locks and child proofing products are worth their weight in gold

You need to feel safe in your own home, and you need to feel confident that your child is also safe. With BabyDan’s safety locks and child proofing products, you can reduce the risk of your child getting hurt, and this provides you with peace of mind and allows for quality time with your child.

We have many different kinds of child proofing products that can help you make the home a safer environment for your child to play in. It is important that you review all of the rooms in your home from a child’s perspective and use safety locks and child proofing products in the right places in the correct manner.

We have everything from corner cushions and window locks to drawer and cupboard locks and door stoppers. No matter which product you end up choosing, they are all easy to install and use for adults.

We have just launched a series of little home safety products that are made from bio-based materials and packaged in biodegradable boxes. Sustainability is one of our top priorities at BabyDan, and therefore, we believe that child safety and environmentally friendly products are inextricably linked.

Learn more about our sustainable news

Scandinavian Pet Design

If you have both a child and a dog in your family, a pet gate might be a really good idea. This allows you to take care of both your child and your four-legged family member, as they are not always capable of reading each other’s signals.

You may also find a pet gate useful even if you do not have children. BabyDan produces pet gates under the brand Scandinavian Pet Design, which is a product range of safe and high-quality pet gates. Your dog deserves the best, after all. You can choose between pressure mounted and wall mounted pet gates.

See our Pet Gates

Pet gates for all purposes

You can secure your home for all of your family with a pet gate from Scandinavian Pet Design, produced by BabyDan. Pet gates allow you to separate the family pets from children or keep them out of, for example, the kitchen or child’s room - or both.

A pet gate is the best way of making your home safer for your dog - you can use a pet gate to protect your dog against dangerous things and areas in your home that it should not have access to.

The pet gate is a smart and safe solution, as the dog will perceive it as a visible barrier while it can still keep an eye on what is going on from a safe distance.

Four-legged family members will definitely appreciate being able to see what the rest of the family is doing, even if they are not allowed to participate.

Pet gates in all sizes

There are plenty of opportunities with a pet gate, because you can use it in many different ways and for many different purposes. No matter what you end up using a pet gate for, it is, however, important that you consider how high you want it to be. You can choose between two heights.

If you have a medium-sized or large dog, we recommend that you choose a pet gate that is 105 cm high. This ensures that the dog will not be able to jump over the fence. If you have a smaller sized dog, you will be just fine using a pet gate that is 70.5 cm or 72 cm high.

At Scandinavian Pet Design, you will find may different types of pet gates suitable for any taste, any need and any breed of dog. You can choose between a pressure mounted pet gate or a wall mounted pet gate.

With a pressure mounted pet gate, you avoid having to drill holes in the wall or door when installing it. It is smart to choose a pressure mounted pet gate if you want to be able to extend it to cover a larger section. It is also a smart choice if you want to be able to use it and bring it with you on holiday or to easily remove it when it is no longer needed.

Find the perfect dog playpen

Among the Scandinavian Pet Design products, you will find the popular Flex pet gates and Flex dog playpens. If you have a Flex pet gate, you can easily convert it to a dog playpen.

You can of course also buy a ready-made dog playpen and then later convert it to a pet gate if you need to. It can be a good idea to have a pet playpen when your dog is still a puppy - that makes it easier to keep an eye on your little furry rascal.

As the dog grows up, you can convert the dog playpen to a pet gate, so that, for example, you can keep the dog out of the kitchen if you want. This means that you can make use of your Flex pet gate and dog playpen for many years.

Your dog deserves the best

BabyDan owns Scandinavian Pet Design, and therefore you can be completely confident that all pet gates are developed and produced in a sustainable fashion.

We can provide you with the best opportunity to create a safe home for both you, your dog and the rest of your family. All stages of pet gate production take place in Denmark, and we guarantee you that all pet gates are tested based on the latest and strictest safety standards.


Most parents quickly learn that when the newest addition to the family sleeps well, so do they. Therefore, it is extremely important that you provide your child with the best conditions for getting a good night’s sleep.

BabyDan has created the DreamSafe brand to offer products that allow you to make your child sleep as safely as possible at night.

DreamSafe produces mattresses, top mattresses and fitted sheets that allow your child to have a safe, healthy and comfortable sleep. All DreamSafe products are breathable, protective and super ergonomic.

DreamSafe is a great choice for children of all ages, and they are really a must for children who are bedwetters, have allergies or who sleep very uneasily.


A safe, ergonomic and comfortable sleep for your child

You will definitely find that you yourself will sleep much better knowing that your child is also sleeping safe and sound.

Help your child sleep safely in an ergonomic position and keep dry with a mattress, top mattress and fitted sheet from DreamSafe (a BabyDan product range).

The DreamSafe series consists of mattresses with top mattresses, extra top mattresses and specially designed fitted sheets. We recommend that you use both a mattress, top mattress and fitted sheet for the optimal experience.

Together, these three products do not only ensure a safe, dry and hygienic sleep for your child, they are also really comfortable and encourage ergonomic sleeping positions. You can also just get the top mattress and fitted sheet if your child already has a good mattress.

There is a broad selection of mattresses from DreamSafe in various sizes, so you are sure to find a mattress for both the lift, pram and bed.

The breathable mattress topper and fitted sheet

DreamSafe is all about a unique combination of safety, ergonomics and comfort. Therefore, all of DreamSafe’s fitted sheets and top mattresses are breathable, allowing your child to breathe freely even if he or she is sleeping face down into the mattress.

The mattress topper’s special technology carries sweat and other bodily fluids away from the child. You can use a mattress protector if your child is a bedwetter, which also keeps bacteria away. The mattress topper’s surface material is very soft, so it is nice and comfortable to lie on.

With a breathable DreamSafe fitted sheet over the mattress topper, there is no doubt that your child can always breathe and sleep safe and sound and get a good night’s rest.

The hygienic and safe mattress

Most DreamSafe mattresses have a sewn-on top mattress, which also works as a mattress protector.

The mattress is made from several layers with different kinds of foam, and together, these create a good ergonomic support and allow your child to rest comfortably.

The special bedding with air channels and air holes ensure that the mattress is very hygienic as well. Therefore, DreamSafe products are particularly needed if your child has allergies.

Safety is the top priority

DreamSafe’s focus on safety is really expressed via the larger mattresses for cots and junior beds. These kinds of mattresses have extra safety edges in the form of extra-firm foam that help your child to remain in the centre of the mattress.

The safety edges prevent your child from tossing and turning too much at night if he or she is an uneasy sleeper. By helping the child remain in the middle of the mattress, the child will sleep more soundly.

The safety edges are on mattresses for beds with the dimensions 60x120 cm, 70x140 cm and 70x160 cm, which are the standard dimensions for cots and junior beds.

You can learn more about the many advantages of DreamSafe mattresses, top mattresses and fitted sheets on DreamSafe’s website.