Your child will need to sleep well each night in order to be ready for a new day with lots of experiences. You can help your child get that good sleep by making sure that you have a good baby cot or baby bed with a comfortable mattress.

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Finding the perfect bed
No matter if your child is a newborn or going to kindergarten, the bed he or she sleeps in is very important to their well-being and development. If the child does not get a good night’s sleep, he or she will not be rested and ready for the experiences of the coming day. If you are pregnant, it is a really good idea to find a cot or baby bed before the little bundle of joy arrives. However, no two families or homes are the same, so therefore it is important that you clarify what your exact needs are. All of BabyDan’s cots and baby beds are made with a focus on quality, safety and functionality - therefore, we guarantee you that you will get a good and safe bed when you buy one from BabyDan.

The crib - the first bed
Most families let the newborn sleep in the parents’ bedroom, but it varies a lot for how long this period lasts. No matter how long, however, it is definitely an advantage and much safer to let the child sleep in its own bed. If you are not comfortable with the child being out of reach, a By-My-Side crib is a really good solution for you. It is placed next to your bed and the side can be lowered so that you can reach your body from your own bed - this means that you will not have to get up at night when the baby wakes and it also makes nursing at night much easier. A good mattress is an indispensable factor in ensuring that your child sleep wells. You can find different kind of mattresses for cribs here at BabyDan.

The classic cot
After the first few months, your child can easily sleep in his or her own bed in the child’s room. It varies a lot, however, when the child is ready to exchange the crib for a cot. Therefore, it is important that you get a feel for when it seems right and safe for both you and your child to make that transition - maybe the ideal time is when the child begins to be able to crawl out of the bed by themselves, or when the child has become too big for the bed.
If you would like a bed that your child can keep using as they grow, a cot is the optimal choice for you. You can use a cot from birth and right up to the point where the child simply becomes too big for it. If you choose a cot for your newborn, you must remember to use a cot bumper and a Cuddle Nest to surround and protect the child. It is also a really good idea to keep using a cot bumper for the first several years, as this prevents the child from getting bruises from hitting the sides of the bed. Also keep in mind that you can find several different kinds of mattresses for the cot here at BabyDan.

The junior bed - for the slightly older child
Once the child has grown out of the crib and cot, it is time for a junior bed. Junior beds are somewhere in between cots and baby beds and adult beds, so here the focus is on ensuring that they feel just as safe as the cot even if they are bigger. Remember - once your child is ready for a junior bed, he or she is still not done growing, so it is important that you select a bed that is long enough so that you will not have to replace it again after a few years. If your child is finding it difficult to adjust to sleeping in a junior bed, you can install a bed rail or cot bumper in the junior bed in order make him or her feel more at ease. Also remember - a bed is only as good as its mattress. You can find many different kinds of mattresses for junior beds here at BabyDan.