Safety Gates for wood burning stoves and fireplaces

It is wonderful to have a wood burning stove or fireplace during the winter months, but it is every parent's nightmare that the child gets too close and gets a burn. The safety gate keeps the child at a safe distance, so you can all enjoy the heat safely. You can choose between different sizes, so that the safety gate will suit the size of your particular wood burning stove. Just remember to choose a gate which is wide enough to keep your child at a sufficient distance from the wood burning stove or hearth. So that you can be certain that he or she will not get too close.

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More about safety gates for wood burning stoves and fireplaces

You can child proof the wood burning stove, the fireplace or a terrace door with a safety gate
Whether you call it a fire guard, a hearth gate or a safety gate, this product is an ideal way of child proofing the wood burning stove, fireplace or hearth. The instant that your child begins to crawl around and explore the home, the fireplace or wood burning stove will be one of the most important areas to shield your child from. With a safety gate to cordon off the area around the fireplace or wood burning stove, you can keep your child at a safe distance from the flames.
There are many different types of wood burning stoves and fireplaces, so BabyDan has a wide selection of safety gates for that particular area of the home. It is critical to find the gate that precisely fits your home and needs, so you can look after your child in the best possible way. All BabyDan safety gates are confirmed free of all types of harmful substances. They are, in fact, so safe that your child can easily suck on them without ingesting any chemicals and other hazardous substances.

How to choose the right safety gates for the wood burning stove
When choosing a safety gate for the home’s fireplace or wood burning stove, it is important that you measure how long the gate must be in order to reach all the way around. All hearth gates are wall mounted and must be securely screwed into place on the walls adjacent to the hearth or wood burning stove. These gates are wall mounted for optimal safety. The wall brackets are very easy to bend into the correct angle, so the gate be positioned in the appropriate way. Please keep in mind that the gates must not be placed too close to the stove or fireplace. So that your child never gets within reach of the burning flames.