Both you and your child will love a baby bathtub. Most versions can be used right from them being born and for several years after. With a newborn, you will need to use a bath support in the bathtub, so that bath time becomes a safe and comfortable experience for the child. When the child gets a little bigger, he or she can really start playing around in the bathtub, splashing water and playing with toys.

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More about bathtubs

Selecting the best possible bathtub
A baby bathtub is one of the essential items that you will need when junior arrives. When selecting a bathtub for your baby, it is important that it fits the size of the bathroom. No matter which baby bathtub you select, it is, after all, still a piece of furniture that will take up space in the bathroom - and it is also a piece of furniture that you will be using a lot. If you have a spacious bathroom, it may not matter that the baby bathtub cannot be folded up. In a large bathroom, you may put it in its own permanent position where it will not bother anyone. However, if your bathroom is quite small, a foldable bathtub might be the perfect solution. These types of bathtubs do not require a lot of space, as you can quickly and easily fold them up after bath time is over. Then you can just store it under the sink or in a closet when not using it. A foldable bathtub is also extremely practical, as you can bring it along with you when going on holiday or during a weekend visit to the grandparents.
It is not just the size of the bathroom that you need to consider, but also the size of the bathtub. BabyDan and Bébé-jou have a selection of baby bathtubs in various sizes that they have manufactured themselves. For example, you can choose between BabyDan’s 30 litre bathtub and the +100 litre version. Selecting a size for the bathtub will depend on the child’s age and how long you want to be able to use it. You can use the +100 litre foldable bathtub for your newborn as long as you use a bath support for the child during the first months. The smart thing about buying the +100 litre baby bathtub is that you can use it for a long period of time, right up until the child grows out of it completely. This will typically only be when the child is a couple of years old.

Safety must be top notch
The third and by far the most important parameter to consider when buying a baby bathtub is safety. No matter how large the bathtub is, you will need a bath support while your child is a baby. A bath support is important, as it keeps your child in a safe position above water. This makes it far more safe for you to wash the child, as both of your hands will be free. It also makes it all much more relaxing for both of you and gives you the time and peace of mind needed to enjoy bath time together and have fun with it. Most children can feel when their parents are tensed up, so if you relax and enjoy bathing your little one, he or she will be certain to respond to that - and it is important that your child learns to love the water and taking baths.
You can also make the bath safe for the child by ensuring that the water is neither too hot or too cold. We all know the shock we get when taking a shower and the water is either too cold or too hot - you can spare your child that shock by using a thermometer. Bébé-jou has several different kinds of thermometers and bathtubs with integrated thermometers. BabyDan’s own foldable bathtubs come with an integrated bath plug that changes colour when the water is 37 degrees Celsius and ready for the child to enter. All of the above approaches are good and safe ways of ensuring the right temperature, so your selection simply depends on which you prefer.
When buying a BabyDan product, you can be completely confident that it contains zero harmful substances. Your child’s safety is just as important to us as it is to you.

Bathtub accessories
There are many great bathtub accessories that ensure bath time becomes a safe and fun experience. A bath support is essential while your child is a baby. When the child gets a little older and can sit up without assistance, you can use a stool in the bathtub so that your child has something to sit on. You can also buy a bath stand for your Bébé-jou baby bathtub, so the bathtub and child are elevated. This allows you to have a better back posture and it becomes easier to get eye contact with the child. Some bathtubs have a plug so that you can quickly and easily empty it of water.
It is also an advantage to have a thermometer or a bathtub with an integrated thermometer so that you can be sure that the water has the right temperature before putting the child in it. This makes bath time a much better experience for both of you. Finally, remember to have a nice and soft poncho or bath cape to wrap your little one in after a warm bath. Your child will enjoy keeping warm with a poncho or bath cape after bath time. It is also much easier to cut the little one’s nails when they are wet and soft - you can use the manicure set for that, which has parts that fit children of various ages. Also be sure to brush the fine hair with a comb and brush set.