SafeSplash Bath Set by BabyDan (Foldable Bath tub, Stand etc.)

The lovely SafeSplash Bath Set by BabyDan contains everything you need for a good and safe bathing experience with the little one - right from the start. Is approved for use by newborns from 0+ months.

- Bath stand - can be folded
- 30 l folding bathtub
- Bath support
- and hose for the bathing water

Mum/dad can stand up straight and bathe their baby safely, without bending the back. Good opportunities for eye contact and having a good grip and both arms free in case the little one makes sudden movements in the water.
The set takes up very little space because it can be folded.
The bathtub plug changes color when the temperature reaches 37 degrees.
The foldable part is made of soft rubber material. Of course without PVC, phthalates, and other harmful substances such as heavy metals.
Max 10 kg

The bathtub can be used on the stand-up to until the child tries to stand up by itself.
Never replace the bathtub or stand supplied with other models. The bathtub is not compatible with other stands and the stand supplied is not compatible with other bathtubs.

SafeSplash Bath Set by BabyDan (Foldable Bath tub, Stand etc.)










Item Number

# 500119

Safety Standard

EN 17072:2018


  • Complete set with bath tub, bat support, and stand
  • Smart plug shows when the water is the right temperature
  • Can be used from 0 months until the child starts to stand up
  • Gives you a comfortable "working position" when bathing your baby