Jump & Play by BabyDan – Hopscotch Foam Playmat, grey

The classic hopscotch redesigned as a soft and insulating foam playmat. Perfect for many hours of play, where the little toddler can practice balance and motor co-cordination when crawling, walking or jumping around on the floor. The playmat can also be used as a puzzle because the tiles are slightly different and fit together in a certain way. You can also remove the numbers and let the child find and match the holes in the tiles with the right number - another fun way to practice the numbers from 1-10.

This playmat is 1.4 cm/0.5 inches thick and made of soft foam of good quality, which insulates against impact, sound, cold and heat. A nice place to sit, play, jump, dance or crawl for both big and small.

The gray colours creates a calm expression but still with a clear contrast between the light and dark colour. The hopscotch foam playmat comes in two colour combinations: either with 5 light and 6 dark tiles or vice versa. Supplied assorted.

The playmat may have some odours from production when it is unpacked for the first time. Therefore, we recommend wiping it with a damp soapy cloth and letting it "degas" outdoors. There is nothing dangerous about the odours, as independent testing authorities have documented.

Jump & Play by BabyDan – Hopscotch Foam Playmat, grey



1.4 cm / 0.55"


63 cm / 24.80"


215 cm / 84.65"


1.4 cm / 0.55"


100% PE (Polyethylene)



Item Number

# 500006

Safety Standard

EN 71-1

EN 71-2

EN 71-3


BabyDan foam playmat is made of 100% PE and contains no plasticizer.
The playmat meets all applicable requirements and does not contain PVC, phthalates, formaldehyde and formamide.
Tested 0+ months.
Complies with chemical test
Product standard EN71-1 EN71-2 EN71-3


  • Playmat for safe playing and practicing
  • Thick foam that is shock, sound, and cold and heat insulating
  • Can be used as the child grows
  • Playmat made of soft foam