Extension Panel 25 cm for BabyDan SlimFit, Lise, Danamic and Maja, black

Is your BabyDan safety gate not wide enough to cover that extra wide doorway or hallway?

With this extension section, you can add many extra centimetres to your safety gate.

The extension section fits the following gates:
- BabyDan SlimFit
- BabyDan Lise
- BabyDan Danamic
- BabyDan Maja

You can extend your safety gate up to 93 cm with this extension section.

You can easily attach the extension panel to the gate without using any tools.

Please note that this is not a grille in itself and cannot stand alone. It is an extension used to extend an already complete gate.

Extension Panel 25 cm for BabyDan SlimFit, Lise, Danamic and Maja, black









PE (Polyethylene) and powder coated steel



Item Number

# 501339

Safety Standard

EN 1930:2011


Important! Read and follow these instructions carefully and keep for future reference
Warning: incorrect installation can be dangerous
Warning: Do not use the safety barrier if any components are damaged or missing
Warning: The safety barrier must not be fitted across windows
Be aware of hazards associated with children using or climbing over the safety barrier. Never climb over the gate. Never allow children to swing on the gate
This safety barrier is for domestic use only
When fitted as instructed, between two clean structurally sound surfaces, this product conforms to EN 1930_2011
Always place the gate directly on the floor/stairs
If the safety barrier is used at the top of the stairs, it should not be positioned below the top level
If the safety barrier is used at the bottom of the stairs, it should be positioned at the front of the lowest tread possible
Please note that this product not necessarily prevents accidents to happen
Never leave your child unattended
This gate is designed for children up to 24 months. However, this guidance should be constantly monitored against your child’s own development, as individual children’s skills do development at different ages
If red indicator is visible after mounting, the barrier must not be used in this particular opening, as the opening is unable to withstand the minimum pressure required
If mounting onto brick, drywall or other dissimilar surfaces, it may be necessary to mount a smooth surface such as a wooden batten on to the wall
If the gate is damaged or has been exposed to an accident it must not be used again
Only use original spare parts for this product
The safety barrier has a manual closing system
Always check that the safety barrier is correctly closed and locked
The safety barrier should be checked regularly to ensure that it is secure and functioning in accordance with these instructions
This safety gate is made from metal
Only clean using warm soapy water, or a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach