DreamSafe Mattress Topper for Junior Bed (70x140 cm)

Make the junior bed safe for your child by adding this mattress topper to the mattress so your child can benefit from the safety features that DreamSafe offers. It is recommended to lay your child in bed on their back and to avoid that the child gets too warm during sleep. With a DreamSafe mattress topper, your child can breathe freely even if they by accident rolls over on the stomach during sleep.
The DreamSafe mattress topper also serves as a mattress protector when your little one is having a small accident. The mattress topper ensures good hygiene as dust mites can’t live in it, which makes it perfect for your child if he or she suffers from an allergy.
Remember, you should not use the mattress for a bigger bed. The distance between the mattress and the edges of the carry cot should not be more than 3 cm on each side

DreamSafe Mattress Topper for Junior Bed (70x140 cm)









3D-net with terry cloth, which is breathable and water-repellent



Item Number

# 500404


  • Breathable material so your child can breathe even with the face against the mattress
  • Please be aware that the mattress must be used together with DreamSafe sheets to ensure full breathability
  • Ensures good hygiene which makes it suitable for children with allergy
  • Mattress topper for mattress in the junior bed 70 x 140 cm
  • Serves as a mattress protector as well
  • Washable at 60 degrees