When it is bath time, it is nice to have the right equipment for before, during and after the bath. With a soft changing cushion, the child will quickly get used to getting in the water. A bath support makes the bath experience a comfortable one even for the youngest. After a nice and warm bath, it feels great to wrap your child in a soft bath cape or poncho. When the child is old enough to begin to move past using diapers, you can use of the many great potties or toilet trainers. Toilet trainers in particular help to make potty training a fun experience.

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More about bathing

Get ready for your new baby with a bathtub and changing table
Before the little one arrives, there are a lot of things that you should have bought already. For example, a bathtub and changing table are some of the most important things that you need to have ready for junior’s arrival. You will be spending a lot of time bathing and taking care of your baby on a changing table each day, but this also makes it a great opportunity to have cosy bonding moments between you and your child. The child will also certainly find it cosy, but the older the child gets, the more they will typically become irritated at having to lie on the changing table and getting their diaper changed. Therefore, it is important that you make bath time and changing time as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With the right items and aids, it becomes easier to ensure that it is a good and safe experience for both of you. No matter which bathtub or changing table you choose, you can be absolutely sure that all BabyDan products are completely free of harmful substances - they are completely safe.

Selecting the best possible bathtub
If you have a small bathroom, you can save space by buying a foldable bathtub. This allows you to easily fold up the bathtub and store it under the sink or in a closet. A foldable bathtub is also extremely practical, as you can bring it along with you when going on holiday or during a weekend visit to the grandparents. You will need to use a bath support for the bathtub while your child is a baby - it helps you keep the child in a safe position above water while you wash him or her. It also allows you to have your hands free, and both you and your child can have a more relaxed experience.
You can also buy a bathtub with a bath stand so that the bathtub and child are elevated. This allows you to have a better back posture and it becomes easier to get eye contact with the child. Some bathtubs have a plug so that you can quickly and easily empty it of water. It is also an advantage to have a thermometer or a bathtub with an integrated thermometer so that you can be sure that the water has the right temperature before putting the child in it. This makes bath time a much better experience for both of you. Finally, remember to have a nice and soft poncho or bath cape to wrap your little one in after a warm bath.

Selecting the best possible changing table
If there is not a lot of free space in the bathroom, it would be smart to choose a changing table that hangs from the wall and which folds up when not in use. This means that it will take up almost no space when folded up. It is important that you consider how much storage space you have as well - if you choose a changing table hanging from a wall, you have to decide whether you want shelves for care products or not. Remember to check that the wall you want to hang the changing table on can carry it. You can also save space in the bathroom by placing the changing table in the child’s room. This is a good solution if your child is sleeping in the room.
If you decide to place the changing table in the child’s room, it makes sense to use a top and tail bowl or a wash basin, since the changing table will now be further from a sink. It can also be a good way of saving on washcloths. No matter where you decide to place the changing table, a comfortable and safe changing cushion is a very important factor in ensuring that changing time is a good experience for the child. Most changing cushions are coated so that they are easier to clean if they become dirty. It is also important to have various care products ready, such as, for example, the comb and brush set and the manicure set.