TravelFun by BabyDan - Kids' Activity Tray for car

"Are we there yet?" With a child in the back seat, even a short ride can feel long and boring. But not with TravelFun by BabyDan. The handy activity tray can be filled with hours of fun, making it easier for your child to entertain themselves in the back seat.

The handy elasticated pockets in different sizes can hold everything from crayons and markers to small books and snacks. A large zippered pocket on the underside of the tray and a large plastic pocket right in front of the child also provide ample space to bring a whole stash of paper, drawings and books along for the ride.

If you place a drawing under the large plastic pocket right in front of the child, he can colour directly on the plastic with white-board markers and wipe off with a dry cloth - this way he can colour the same drawing over and over again.

Finally, of course, there's the tablet holder pocket, positioned at just the right angle in front of the child but no further away than the child can operate the tablet themselves.
The pocket measures 18 x 25 cm.

The high edges ensure that markers, toys, snacks and the vast majority of crumbs stay inside the tray instead of ending up at the bottom of the car, where neither child nor parent can reach them while the car is in motion.

TravelFun by BabyDan is designed for the back seat of the car, but can also easily be used in the stroller, bus, train, plane, on the ferry or other longer trips - even at home on the couch.

When the trip is over, the tray folds easily around itself and closes with an elastic strap, to be carried as a shoulder bag by either you or the child.

The tray is easily strapped around the child - or car seat - with a single adjustable strap and rests on the child's legs.
NOTE: However, if your child's car seat has a safety cushion in front of the child's tummy, it will not be possible to fasten the tray securely around the child. In this case, we recommend waiting until your child is big enough to sit in the car seat without the safety cushion.

Recommended for children +3 years but can be used by all ages.

If your child spills or draws on the tray, it can be easily cleaned with a wrung-out cloth

TravelFun by BabyDan - Kids' Activity Tray for car










Item Number

# 501225


  • Practical activity tray for children in the car, stroller, bus, train, plane, ferry, etc.
  • Colour the same drawing over and over again with white-board markers and a dry cloth.
  • Several pockets with elastic keep track of markers, books, snacks, etc.
  • Easily folds and carries as a shoulder bag
  • Includes tablet holder pocket