BabyDan Staircase Adapter for Safety Gates, White

If you need to mount your safety gate between a wall and a round or square baluster, this BabyDan Staircase Adapter is the perfect and safe solution. It provides a flat surface so you can install your wall-mounted or pressure fit safety gate without ruining the banister woodwork or metal and without drilling in the baluster. The staircase adapter is suited for most staircases and BabyDan safety gates. You can use the OnBox app to get help mounting the staircase adapter.

BabyDan Staircase Adapter for Safety Gates, White



95 cm / 37.40"


4 cm / 1.57"


2 cm / 0.79"


PA6, Stål, PES (polyethersulfone) and wood



Item Number

# 501101


Important! Read and follow these instructions carefully and keep for future reference
Together with the following safety barrier, this product complies with standard EN 1930:2011 when both products are mounted according to the instructions:
BabyDan FlexiFit metal, BabyDan Flexifit træ, Multidan metal, BabyDan Flex M, BabyDan Flex L, BabyDan Flex XL, BabyDan Guard Me, BabyDan Multidan træ, BabyDan No Trip træ, BabyDan No Trip metal, BabyDan Avantgarde, BabyDan LENA, BabyDan SAGA, BabyDan TORA
Important: The wall bracket for the safety gate shall not be attached/placed on top of the strap
The adhesive tape can leave marks when the product is removed. Any tape residue can be removed by hand. Do not use sharp objects to scrape off any residual tape, as this may damage the surface
The staircase adapter is for indoor use only
Keep the product away from strong heat sources and UV light
The staircase adapter should be checked regularly to ensure that it is secure and functioning in accordance with the instructions
The following safety barriers must be mounted into the stair case adapter with the supplied screws and wall cups:
BabyDan Flex M, BabyDan Flex L, BabyDan Flex XL, BabyDan OLAF Wide, BabyDan OLAF X Wide, BabyDan OLAF XX Wide, BabyDan Guard Me, BabyDan ALMA, BabyDan Premier, BabyDan Swing Shut Gate, BabyDan Avantgarde, BabyDan ASTA, BabyDan TORA


  • Fits most BabyDan wall-mounted and pressure fit safety gates
  • For bottom and top of stairs
  • For round (10-14 cm) and square (6-11 cm) balusters
  • No drilling in the baluster or banister
  • Use OnBox app for easy mounting