Pet Gates

Your child and the dog are almost certainly the best of friends, but at times it may be necessary to separate the two. When you have a pet gate, it is easy to keep the dog away from certain rooms and areas of the home. You can also use the gate to give your dog its very own area of the home, where it can feel at ease. A pet gate is taller than a normal safety gate, so your four-legged friend will not be able to jump over it, no matter how excited it might be to come and see you.

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More about pet gates

Even safer with a pet gate
With a pet gate, you can make your home safe for the whole family - including the four-legged family member. It is a clever way to keep the family dog apart from the kids or off-limit areas of the home and also to give the dog its own area where it can have a bit of peace and quiet. Regardless of how you use your pet gate, it is the best and most practical way to make the home even safer for your dog.
A pet gate can be mounted in several different locations in the home and for different purposes. You can mount it in a doorway, a hallway, at the top or bottom of the stairway, or as a space divider in a large open space. The sky is the limit, so it is just about figuring out the needs of the family and the dog. You can mount the pet gate in a doorway or a hallway, if you want to cordon off areas of the home where your dog is not allowed access. This could for instance be the office or the child room. Another approach might be to mount the pet gate in a doorway in order to create an area for the dog. You could, for example, mount a pet gate in the doorway to the utility room, which would also serve as the dog’s space. You would then be limiting it to the utility room, while still allowing it to be part of the family’s comings and goings. You can also choose to mount a pet gate at the top and bottom of the stairs so that the dog does not have access to the stairs. It can be an issue for some dogs to climb and descend stairs, as this might damage their spine and hips. You can also use a pet gate as a space divider for the kitchen or to section off a part of the living room. Regardless of where and how you want to use the pet gate, it is a smart and safe solution since it is a visible boundary for the dog, while allowing the dog to still be part of the household at a safe distance.

How to choose the right pet gate
When you choose a pet gate, it is important that you first measure how wide the gate needs to be. It is also important that you choose a pet gate that suits the height of the dog. Pet gates from Scandinavian Pet Design are available in heights of 105 cm, 72 cm and 70.5 cm. We recommend that you choose the tallest model if you have a medium or large dog. Then you can be certain that your dog is unable to jump over it. If you have a smaller dog, the pet gates in the two lower models will be perfectly suitable.
Scandinavian Pet Design has a large selection of pet gates to suit every taste, need and breed. You have the option of selecting a pressure mounted pet gate or a wall mounted pet gate. With a pressure mounted pet gate, you can mount it without drilling holes into the wall or door frame. It would be advantageous to choose a pressure mounted gate, if you want it to be able to extend to cover a wide area. This type also works well if you want to be able to move it, take it with you on holidays or remove it at times when it is not needed. Whichever pet gate you choose, you can be certain that it contains no harmful substances whatsoever. So your dog will not ingest any unwanted chemicals, even if it licks the gate.

Transform your pet gate into a dog playpen.
If you have a Pet Flex dog gate from Scandinavian Pet Design, you can turn it into a Pet Flex dog playpen, which can also be bought as a dog playpen in a complete set. While your dog is a puppy, a dog playpen can be tremendously useful. It allows you to more easily keep track of the little rascal and make sure that it does not get too close to electrical wires and other things that are not safe for a small pup. As the dog grows up, you can convert the dog playpen to a pet gate, so that, for example, you can keep the dog out of the kitchen if you want. This means that you can make use of your Flex pet gate and dog playpen for many years.