Safety Gates for Bottom of Stairs

Your child is likely to be curious about exploring the top floor of the home, but going up stairs is not for little children. It is important that you child proof your home by blocking your child from getting up the staircase. You can do so by installing a safety gate at the foot of the stairs, so that only the adults will have access to the stairs. You can use either a pressure mounted and a wall mounted safety gate at the foot of the stairs. You can choose a safety gate which is mounted on the rail posts and the wall or which is mounted around the stairway landing. Please also remember to mount a safety gate at the top of the stairs, so your child is protected from falls down the stairs. You can view our wide range of BabyDan safety gates for the bottom of the stairs here.

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More about safety gates for bottom of stairs

Protect your child from accidents on the stairs with a safety gate
Children are curious by nature, which is why they sometimes get into trouble when exploring and getting to know the home. Bruises and bumps are part of being a child, but with a safety gate you can avoid the more serious accidents. You can mount a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs so that your child does not have access to the stairs. This is a way of blocking off an area of the home that is unsuitable for small children. Please also remember to mount a safety gate at the top of the stairs, so the stairway area is entirely blocked off.
Stairs and homes are different, just as each family have different needs. Which is why BabyDan has a wide assortment of safety gates for the foot of the stairs, so you can find the one ideally suited to you. It is important that the safety gate meets precisely your needs, providing you with the best possible equipment for taking good care of your child. Regardless of which gate you choose, you can rest assured that it is completely free of harmful substances. BabyDan safety gates are so safe, in fact, that your child can suck on them without ingesting any harmful substances.

How to choose the right safety gate for the bottom of the stairs
Before you choose a safety gate for the foot of the stairway, you will need to measure how wide the gate must be to fit into the space. To do so, you will need to measure the distance between the two walls on either side of the stairs. You can also choose to mount the gate on the rail posts of the stairs. If the rail posts are rounded, you can use a BabyDan stair adapter, which can be purchased separately. The adapter is handy because it allows you to mount the safety gate on round rail posts.
When you mount the gate, you can choose whether you want to mount it internally or externally on the rail post or the wall. One choice is not safer than the other, so it simply comes down to what makes most sense given the way your stairs are constructed. BabyDan has two types of safety gates: the pressure mounted and the wall mounted gates. When installing a gate at the bottom of the stairs, you can either use a pressure mounted or a wall mounted gate. A pressure mounted safety gate is tension mounted between two walls or rail posts. A wall mounted safety gate must be screwed into place on the two walls or rail posts. The two types are equally safe, so the choice is simply a matter of what you prefer.
Once you have chosen how you want to mount the safety gate, you will need to think about what design you prefer. The majority of BabyDan safety gates are made of metal and available in black, white and silver. We also offer some safety gates in wood. The material has no bearing on how safe the gate is - the wooden safety gates are just as safe as the metal ones. The choice is then a matter of your personal taste and what suits the decor of your home best.