Safety Gates for Doors

There are so many exciting rooms in your home that your little one is wanting to explore. However, not all rooms are suitable for children. It is therefore important that you shield the child from entering the rooms that are not safe for children. You can mount a safety gate in a doorframe to block your child’s access to the room behind the door. It is a smart way of keeping the child out of the room and simultaneously for the adults to retain full access. You could use either a pressure mounted or wall mounted safety gate.

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More about safety gates for doors

Secure your home with a safety gate
Whatever word you may use to describe it: baby gate, safety gate, stair gate, child gate or stair barrier, this product is an ideal and safe way of child proofing your home. Before you know it, your child will start to crawl around and explore the home. It is therefore important that you, sooner rather than later, cordon off the areas of the home that are not suitable for little children. There is no way to avoid minor accidents at home, but with a safety gate you can keep your child out of harm’s way in the areas where you might anticipate something far more serious happening.
When choosing a safety gate for your door, it is important that you get the safety gate that suits your precise needs. By choosing the right gate, you will be equipped in the best possible way to taking care of your little bundle of joy. Regardless of which BabyDan safety gate you choose, you can rest assured that it will contain no harmful substances. In fact, they are so safe that your child can easily suck on them without ingesting any chemicals and other unwanted substances.

How to choose the right safety gate for the door
In order for the safety gate to be optimally suited for your child, there are several things you will need to consider. When you choose the safety gate for a specific door, you will need to know how wide the door opening is. Make sure that you measure the door from doorframe to doorframe, and you will have the correct measurements to choose the safety gate that fits into that doorway. We have many different BabyDan gates, in different sizes, so there will be a gate suitable for all sizes of doorways. All the gates are designed with some leeway, so as long as you stay within those acceptable margins, the gate will fit your doorway. It is also possible to mount some of the gates externally on the doorframe, such as the BabyDan FlexiFit.
When you are mounting a safety gate on a doorway, you can choose either a pressure mounted or a wall mounted safety gate. The two types are equally safe, so the choice will come down to whether or not you wish to drill into your doorframe. A wall mounted safety gate must be securely screwed into the doorframe, while a pressure mounted safety gate uses firm tension between the doorframes to stay in place. If you need the option to relocate or remove the gate, for instance when you have guests, then a pressure mounted safety gate is the best solution. This type of gate can be removed easily and quickly, and then reinstalled again as needed.
Once you have reached a decision about where you want the gate mounted and which type of safety gate you want, then you will need to consider the design. Most BabyDan safety gates are made of metal, but there are also some that are made of wood. The choice of material has no bearing on how safe the gate is - the wooden safety gates are just as safe as the metal safety gates. So the choice of materials is a matter of personal taste. The same applies to the colour of the metal safety gates, typically the choice is between black and white, but some gates also come in silver.