Safety Gates for Top of Stairs

Stairs are not for small children, and it is very important that you make certain that it is not possible for your child to access the stairs in your home. You can mount a safety gate at the top of the staircase, which will keep your child away from the stairs and prevent fall accidents. The child will then only be able to descend the stairs with an adult. We would recommend using a wall mounted safety gate at the top of a staircase for optimal safety. Also, remember to mount a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs so that your child does not have access to the stairs from below. With our wide range of BabyDan safety gates, there is bound to be a gate that suits everyone.

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More about safety gates for top of stairs

There is no way to prevent every little bump and a few bruises along the way is to be expected, but you can avoid any major accidents by using a safety gate. If your child were to fall down a set of stairs, this would constitute a major accident. Fortunately, this scenario is preventable with a safety gate at the top of the stairs. Your child will simply not have access to the staircase.
There are many different types of stairs and homes, which is why we offer several varieties of BabyDan safety gates for the top of the stairs. With a safety gate that is ideally suited for your home and needs, you will be equipped in the best possible way to taking good care of your child. All BabyDan safety gates are completely free of harmful substances, in fact, you could even let your child sit and suck on the gate - they contain no chemicals or other unwanted substances.

How to choose the right safety gate for the top of the stairs
When choosing a safety gate for the top of the stairs, you will need to start by measuring how wide the gate must be to cover the width of the staircase landing. So you will need to measure the distance between the two walls on either side of the stairs. Do you perhaps need to mount the gate on the stairs’ rail posts? If the rail posts are round, it is still possible to mount the gate by purchasing a BabyDan stair adapter. You can choose gates that are mounted on the inside or outside of the rail post or the wall. One type of mounting is not safer than the other - the choice is simply a matter of which would best suit your stairs. BabyDan recommends that you use a wall mounted safety gate at the top of the stairs, to make it as safe as possible for your child.
Once you have decided where the safety gate needs to be mounted, you will need to consider the design. Most BabyDan safety gates are made of metal, but there are also some that are made of wood. The choice of material has no bearing on how safe the gate is - the wooden safety gates are just as safe as the metal safety gates. So the choice of materials is a matter of personal taste. The same applies to the colour of the metal safety gates, typically the choice is between black and white, but some gates also come in silver.