Here you can find all of the accessories you can use for the cot or baby bed. Maybe you would like a cot canopy which makes the crib even cosier? Or maybe you need a cot bumper for the cot? Maybe you need a sleeping bag or a Cuddle Nest for your little one? You can find good and safe solutions right here.

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More about accessories

Cot bumpers make the bed safer
There are many different kinds of accessories that can make your child even more comfortable sleeping in his or her own bed. The accessories both increase safety and brighten up the child’s room.
A cot bumper is a really good helper if your child is turning and tossing at night, as it is a protective layer added to the inside of the bed which ensures that your child does not bump his or her head against the edges of the bed. Most cot bumpers are made of foam and have a soft cover over them, so your little one is well protected. You can find cot bumpers for both cribs and cots. A cot bumper can make your child feel extra secure, as it makes the bed a bit smaller and more cosy. You can also use a bed rail for the junior bed, which helps keep your child safe at night if he or she is still getting used to sleeping in a larger bed without hard edges.

A cot canopy looks nice and makes the child feel at ease
A cot canopy over the child’s bed is not just something that looks nice - it also makes the child feel at ease. If your child is a newborn, he or she will need to be shielded from light and disturbances, and a cot canopy can help the child shut out the rest of the world so that the baby bed becomes a calm, cosy and safe place to sleep. In the summer, a cot canopy can be great for children of all ages, as it also helps keep mosquitos and other insects away.

Ensure that your child sleeps safe and sound with a Cuddle Nest or sleeping bag
A Cuddle Nest, also called a baby nest, is great at surrounding your baby and making him or her feel safe. It is made so that it reminds the child of the safety of a mother’s womb, meaning that it naturally puts the child at ease. This is smart if you are unable to hold your child right in a certain moment. You can use a Cuddle Nest from birth and up to the age of approximately six months - or when the child simply grows out of it. You can benefit from selecting one of BabyDan’s or DreamSafe’s Cuddle Nests, which are breathable and entirely safe for your baby.

Baby sleeping bags and night harnesses for when the child is not sleeping calmly
You can also use a baby sleeping bag for your child if he or she often ends up kicking the duvet off during the night. Using a sleeping bag ensures that your child will not be cold, and it can also help to make your child sleep more soundly. A sleeping bag is a practical solution for both the bed, stroller, booster seat for the car and pram.
If you child tosses and turns a lot while sleeping, you can also use a night harness. A night harness helps your child remain calm at night and also ensures that it can move as freely as possible - it is certainly not a way of securing the child to the bed, rather, it is a safe and comfortable way of helping the child sleep soundly.