Your little bundle of joy will need a good night’s sleep every day so that he or she is ready to wake up to a new and exciting day full of experiences. You can create the best possible conditions for your child’s sleep and well-being by using a high-quality cot or baby bed. It is important that you also use a good mattress for the bed, and you also have to remember to have soft bedding and other accessories which make sleeping a pleasant experience for your child.

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Ensure a healthy and safe sleep for your child
The bed is an important factor in your child’s well-being
In order for sleep time to be a truly pleasurable experience for both you and your child, it is important that you have the right bed, mattress, bedding and accessories for the cot or baby bed. It is also important that you buy what fits the child and that you are attentive to when it is time to replace the crib with a cot, and later, a junior bed.
First and foremost, it is important that you select a bed that matches the child’s age and size. The first bed your child will be sleeping in is a crib - you can choose a regular crib or a By-My-Side crib which can be placed right against your bed.
After a few months, the child will be about to outgrow the crib, and then you need to find a cot. A cot is a good investment, as your child can use it for a long time - you can also choose to use a cot right from the start when your child is born. If you like, you should also remember to use a Cuddle Nest or a cot bumper for the cot.
Once your child has grown out of the crib and cot, it is time to get a junior bed. This will be the final bed used before the child gets an adult bed. It is also a good idea to use bed rails and cot bumpers for the junior bed so that the child feels safe even now with the bed suddenly being much bigger than what he or she was used to with the cot.

The mattress ensures a good night’s sleep
No matter which bed you are about to buy, it is important that you also remember to buy a good mattress. When selecting a mattress, it is important that you know whether your child has asthma or allergies - if so, you must select a mattress made from natural materials, and you can find those here in the BabyDan online store. Though of course, all mattresses are free of all harmful substances.
Foam mattresses are a great choice for children, as they are firm and take on the shape of the child’s body. It is also an advantage to select a mattress with removable bedding, particularly for children who often have little accidents at night. If the child tends to wet the bed often, a mattress protector is a good idea as is buying an extra top mattress. And of course, a good top mattress is an important factor in ensuring that your child sleeps well. Many DreamSafe mattresses have a sewn-on top mattress, but you can also buy top mattresses separately and use them on top of another mattress.

Complete the bed with a duvet, pillow and bedding
It is important that the duvet, pillow and bedding for the child’s bed are soft and free of harmful substances, and all of BabyDan’s products are, so you can feel completely at ease having your child sleep with them.
You can find baby duvets, baby pillows, junior duvets and junior pillows - every size you might need. For the youngest children, you can use a breathable sheet from DreamSafe so that you can be sure that your child is sleeping safely. You can also use a Cuddle Nest for your newborn, which makes the crib or cot feel calming and safe.
With a soft and gorgeous bedding set, your child will enjoy sleeping in his or her bed. If, however, your child is not sleeping calmly at night, it can be smart to use a sleeping bag or night harness.