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Here you can find everything that you need to make car trips or trips with the pram or stroller a good experience for both you and your child. Therefore, here you can find everything from raincoats and sun shades to cup holders and pram harnesses.

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More about on the go

Make the trip even more comfortable and safe
There are loads of practical accessories for both the car, pram and stroller that can make your trips easier, more enjoyable and safer for both you and your child. No matter which you use to take a trip, it is always important that you as a parent are well prepared. The accessories from BabyDan can help you entertain the child while on the go and at the same time make it a safer experience.

Make the car trip safe and enjoyable
If you are going on a car trip, it is a really good idea to have several things ready to make the trip easy and comfortable for the newest addition to your family. You can use a tablet organiser which allows your child to have both entertainment and snacks right at hand without them getting lost on the car’s floor. You can also use a seat protector which has pockets for toys and snacks and also protects the car seat against stains. When the sun is too strong through the windows, you can use sun shades to keep your child from getting too warm. You can also make it easier to keep an eye on your child from the front seat with a back seat mirror.

Ensure that you will have a good and safe trip with the pram
Taking a walk with a pram is a great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air. However, fresh air sometimes comes with insects, sun, rain and snow. Therefore, it is important that you protect your child with a rain coat, a mosquito net or a sun shade when necessary. This allows your child to sleep without getting disturbed.
The most important item that you need for the pram is a pram harness, as this ensures that your child cannot fall out of the pram and get hurt. With a pram harness, you can stop worrying about letting the child sleep in the pram and you do not have to constantly keep an eye on it. All of BabyDan’s pram harnesses are adjustable, allowing you to use them for several years.
If you have more than one child, you can also easily take more than one along with you on a pram with a sibling seat. Then the eldest can sit on top of the pram on the seat, while the youngest sleeps in the pram. This allows you to bond with both children on the trip.
You can also make the trip easier for yourself by attaching a cup holder to the pram’s handle. Then you can enjoy a cup of coffee while safely steering the pram.

Have a safe trip with the stroller
When you are going on a short trip or holiday, the stroller is the perfect choice. You can make it even more practical with accessories from BabyDan. If you often use a stroller when you are taking your little one shopping, you can attach a double hook for the shopping bags - then you will not have to carry them and they will not interfere while you steer the pram. This makes the trip both safer and more comfortable for you and your child. If you would like to bring coffee along for the trip, you can use a cup holder that you can attach to the pram’s handle. You can also use a sun shade to protect your child against the rays of the sun.