Safety Gates

Your child will be curious and want to explore the surroundings as soon as he or she begins crawling and can move around the house. It is impossible to entirely avoid the odd minor accident at home, but with a safety gate, you can cut your child off from accessing areas where you think something a lot more serious might occur. The safety gate can also prevent the child from falling down stairs, getting burnt by touching the wood burning stove or entering rooms that are not suitable for little ones. You can also make a gate around certain parts of a room, allowing you to know where the child is when you are doing laundry or preparing food.

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More about safety gates

Get peace of mind with a safety gate
Baby barrier, stair gate, fence, safety gate, baby fence - popular items have many names. No matter what you call it, a safety gate can help immensely once your child begins crawling and walking. After all, little ones are full of energy and we know that your little rascal only needs a split-second of being left unsupervised to get into trouble. A safety gate provides you with peace of mind, and you will not have to worry about leaving your child unattended for a moment and wondering what trouble they might be getting into.
Each family and home has different needs, and therefore we have BabyDan safety gates for various places around the home in different colours, materials and designs. After all, it is important that you get a safety gate that is an exact fit for your requirements so that it keeps your little one as safe as possible. No matter what safety gate you end up choosing, you can be completely sure that it does not contain any harmful substances. In fact, they are so safe that your child can easily suck on them without getting chemicals and other unwanted substances into the body.

How to select the perfect safety gate
When figuring out which safety gate is ‘just right’, there are several things that you need to take into account. It has to be a good fit for your home, your needs and your furniture and household items in order to provide as much safety as possible.

How is it installed?
First and foremost, it is important that you know where the safety gate is going to be used. Where in your home is there a risk that your child might get hurt? Do you need to close a room off and use a safety gate to block access through a door? Do you have a wood burning stove or a staircase? Maybe the safety gate is to be used as a room divider, so that the kitchen is a child-free zone when no adults are nearby? Do you only have one permanent location where you want the safety gate set up, or do you want a more flexible solution so that you can move it around and use it in several places?

Remember to measure!
It is also very important that you measure the opening that the safety gate is to block so that you are sure that the gate will fit. Getting the right-sized gate ensures that the safety gate will be set up correctly, work as intended and protect your little one. If you want a safety gate to block a door, you need to measure the distance between the door frames. If the safety gate is to be used to block access to a wood burning stove, it makes a lot of sense to measure quite some distance from the stove itself. That way, you can be sure that the gate will not be touching the wood burning stove and be at a safe distance. Most safety gates have a standard height and this height cannot be adjusted - so if you need an extra high gate to, for example, keep some house pets separated from the little ones, you should choose a pet gate.

Which type?
Once you know where in the home you want to install the safety gate, you need to decide how to install it. At BabyDan, we divide safety gates into two types: wall mounted and pressure mounted safety gates. A wall mounted safety gate needs to be installed with screws in the walls. If you want a pressure mounted safety gate, you will not have to drill homes in the wall, as it is pressurised between them. Therefore, think about whether you want to drill holes into the wall or whether you would prefer not to. We recommend that you should always choose a wall mounted safety gate if you are installing it at the top of the stairs. We believe that this is the safest choice, even though pressure mounted safety gates have also been approved for use at the top of stairs. If, for example, you would like to be able to take the safe gate with you to a summerhouse, it is important that you select a pressure mounted safety gate, as this type of gate is much more flexible and can easily and quickly be moved whenever you need to. In order to make it as easy as possible to install a pressure mounted safety gate, all of BabyDan’s pressure mounted safety gates have an integrated indicator that shows when the gate has been installed correctly. If the red indicator can be seen, the safety gate needs to be under greater pressure and tightened up. A pressure mounted safety gate will not leave marks on the walls or door frames, so you do not have to worry about that.

Which design?
When you have thought about where the safety gate is to be installed and what type of safety gate best matches your needs, you can start thinking about which design to choose. Most of BabyDan’s safety gates are made of metal, but there are also some made from wood. The material it is made from has no impact on safety - wooden safety gates are just as safe as metal safety gates. Therefore, you can choose whichever material you prefer. The same applies to the metal safety gates in terms of colour - typically, they come in black and white versions, but some gates are also silver coloured.